Environmental Projects

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Gratiot County Wind Farm
Gratiot and Midland Counties, Michigan

For Phase I of the project, MeritCorp provided an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) for a proposed wind farm near the town of Breckenridge, Michigan. The project consists of approximately 133 wind turbine generator locations, approximately 6 miles of overhead transmission lines, access roads and other project components situated on approximately 63,000
acres of agricultural land. MeritCorp’s responsibilities included evaluation of the current and historical conditions of the subject site property in an effort to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions (RECs) and Historical RECs including sewage disposal lagoons, historical dumping, hazardous waste disposal sites, landfills and remediation sites.

First Community Bank

First Community Bank of Plainfield/HRM Properties
Batavia, Illinois

MeritCorp completed a 7 parcel ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys totaling more than 415 acres adjoining former Indian Land Boundaries. The accumulation of properties compares the location of historical occupation of farmlands and farmsteads to title lines, and their apparent gaps/
overlaps and encroachments. The identification of potential clouds in title early in the due diligence process assists the client in costly revisions and negotiations later in the development cycle.

railroad yard

Former Railroad Yard*
Chicago, Illinois

As the environmental consultant, worked with the developer during the redevelopment process considering the 11-acre site’s previous use as a railroad yard facility. The environmental team conducted a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment to evaluate several potential RECs on the property. The findings of an extensive Phase II Subsurface Investigation indicated that concentrations of several contaminants of concern were above the residential clean up objectives. The team also directed the removal of a 10,000-gallon underground storage tank from the site. A Comprehensive Site Investigation, Remedial Objectives Report, Remedial Action Plan, and a Remedial Action Completion Report were completed and the environmental team quickly obtained a Comprehensive No Further Remediation letter through the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency’s Site Remediation Program. Corrective options considered the use of engineering barriers and several potential land planning uses for the development.

soil contamination

City of Zion*
Zion, Illinois

A Phase II Subsurface Investigation conducted on the subject site indicated that concentrations of numerous contaminants of concern were above their respective saturations limits. Due to the depth (greater than 15 feet below grade level) of the contaminant concentrations, and soil conditions (fine sand), the team designed and implemented the use of in-situ chemical oxidation utilizing direct injection techniques to destroy target contaminants. After reducing the concentrations of the contamination below the saturation limits, a Remedial Action Completion Report was completed and a No Further Remediation Letter was quickly obtained.


Confidential Client*
Aurora, Illinois

As the environmental consultant, worked with the property’s current owner to obtain a No Further Remediation letter that was required in order to attain a bank loan. The findings of an extensive Phase II Subsurface Investigation indicated that concentrations of several contaminants of concern in the soil and groundwater were above the commercial/industrial clean up objectives. It was concluded that the majority of the contamination was caused by fly-by dumping, as well as spills caused by railroad tankers along a railroad spur. Also, due to a pending law suit between the property’s current owner and the former owner, provided expert witness activities in a deposition. Based on the witness activities, and because a No Further Remediation Letter was obtained, the law suit was dismissed.


* Denotes Staff Experience