Surveying Projects

Concise overviews of recent MeritCorp projects will give you greater insight into how we transform even the most complex challenges into highly efficient solutions. Click here to view other project experience.


McCook Reservoir
Chicago, Illinois

MeritCorp was selected to provide the construction staking for the grout curtain around the McCook Reservoir that will be among the deepest in North America. This is part of the second phase of Tunnel and Reservoir Plan (TARP) including reservoir construction and tunnel connection. MeritCorp is working with Nicholson Construction Company to carry out the construction of this challenging site located between the Des Plaines River and the Illinois and Michigan Shipping Canal. The McCook Reservoir will hold 7 billion gallons of waste water at a time. It will serve as a storage basin during heavy rainfalls and increased usage until it is treated.


LaFarge Kendall County Quarry
Lisbon, Illinois

MeritCorp was responsible for due diligence and engineering design of 286 acre quarry facility in the Village of Lisbon. MeritCorp coordinated design with LaFarge’s land planning consultant and attorney. Scope of due diligence services included wetland delineation/report and obtain
jurisdictional determination from the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers; Surveyed Valley Run Creek (which transected the property) and established 100 year base flood elevation for creek; coordinated with the Illinois Department of Natural Resources regarding endangered species
review. Scope of engineering services included design of offsite Joliet Road improvements (2,390 linear feet.) and coordination with Kendall County Highway Department to upgrade adjacent highway to 80,000 pound carrying capacity, storm water management design for site, sedimentation basin design for quarry, soil erosion control design, on-site access road design, coordinate bridge design over Valley Run Creek, site grading design and earthwork analysis for berm/pond construction, assist client in obtaining permits for construction and phase I mining
operations, represented client at public hearings.

Vista Point

Vista Point
Plainfield, Illinois

MeritCorp completed a 7 parcel ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys totaling more than 415 acres adjoining former Indian Land Boundaries. The accumulation of properties compares the location of historical occupation of farmlands and farmsteads to title lines, and their apparent gaps/
overlaps and encroachments. The identification of potential clouds in title early in the due diligence process assists the client in costly revisions and negotiations later in the development cycle.


Ashtabula Energy Center
Ashtabula, North Dakota

MeritCorp is proud to have contributed to the success of the Ashtabula Energy Center in North Dakota. The survey team provided the construction staking using GPS technology. The collection system that was laid out is responsible for servicing 131 wind turbines on the project
that generate 195 MegaWatts of electricity. The team worked alongside MJ Electric and Blattner Energy exercising versatility and flexibility with their scheduling enabling the construction crews to work promptly and efficiently. As the project neared completion the MeritCorp team gathered as-built data to ensure that the project was built as it was designed.

Cape Vincent

Cape Vincent Wind Farm
Cape Vincent, New York

Located near the Town of Cape Vincent, New York, this project consists of 65-70 wind turbines and associated improvements including: private access roads, public road improvements, collection line and turbine foundations. MeritCorp was responsible for establishing horizontal
and vertical control throughout the project area, preliminary construction staking and evaluating the final turbine locations.

Cell Towers

Cellular Towers
Midwest United States

MeritCorp is responsible for research, data collection, field survey work and preparing inventory maps for cellular towers throughout the Midwest. Global Positioning technology is utilized to determine the geodetic position of each tower. Remote sensing technology is utilized to determine the height of each tower. Using this information, MeritCorp is able to prepare tower positioning and height certifications to meet rigorous Federal Aviation Agency and Federal Communications Commissions standards. The resulting maps are utilized by the tower owners to lease space for communications providers on each tower, which maximizes the efficiency of space allocation and the necessity for additional towers.

Meadow Lake

Meadow Lake Wind Farm

The Meadow Lake Wind Farm spans Jasper, White and Benton Counties in Indiana. The project has been broken up into six phases, of which four are complete, and has the potential of generating 1,000 megawatts of electricity. When complete, it will be one of the largest wind
farms in the world. MeritCorp contributed to the completion of Phases II and IV. The team was responsible for the layout of various elements of the proposed wind farm development including: private access roads, laydown area, crane pads, wind turbine foundations, substation,
transmission lines and public road improvements. After construction was completed, MeritCorp surveyed the site to verify the location of the wind turbine generators, access roads and collection lines and provided as-built information to the Client.

Otter Creek

Otter Creek Wind Farm
LaSalle County, Illinois

MeritCorp was responsible for the land surveying for the Otter Creek Wind Farm located in LaSalle County, Illinois. The project includes approximately 117 parcels located within 24 sections of land and is situated in two adjoining townships of LaSalle County. The project
consists of 100 wind turbine generators and associated improvements including private access roads, collection lines and turbine foundations. MeritCorp established a Global Positioning System (GPS) control network, preliminary staking of the turbine locations, ALTA/Topo survey
and preparation of various exhibits for the design and permitting purposes.

West Closure

West Closure Complex (Gulf Intercoastal Waterway)
New Orleans, Louisiana

The Gulf Intercoastal Waterway West Closure Complex is a major component for the Hurricane and Storm Damage Risk Reduction project intended to minimize the risk of storm surges across the west bank area near New Orleans, Louisiana. The complex consists of a drainage pumping station with 16 vertical pipes that will be able to pump 20,000 cubic feet of water per second from the west shore of the Mississippi River, keeping the surrounding areas from flooding.
MeritCorp’s team of experts was contracted by Gulf Intra Coastal Constructors as a pre-construction necessity to establish a Static GPS Control network for the complex as the basis for all future construction staking tasks on the project.