Concise overviews of recent MeritCorp projects will give you greater insight into how we transform even the most complex challenges into highly efficient solutions. Click here to view other project experience.

Big Run

Big Run Creek
Lockport, Illinois

Responsible for Base Flood Elevation Determination Study. The purpose of this study was to investigate the hydrologic and hydraulic characteristics of the watershed and existing creek which bisects the site. By using its expertise in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, MeritCorp was able to establish the floodplain delineation and base flood elevations for Big Run Creek through the subject site.

Mc Steel

MC Steel
Wheeling, Illinois

This project consisted of many unique aspects, the most challenging being that the site was almost entirely situated in a floodplain. MeritCorp was able to develop a solution to this complex problem by creatively grading the site to raise the building and parking out of the floodplain. Compensation for the fill placement in the floodplain was accomplished on-site using the same area that was designated for storm water detention. The result was that no buildable land was lost for our Client, while all requirements of the District were satisfied.


The Pointe*
Matteson, Illinois

This project consisted of approximately 120 acres of master planned community development that was bisected by a major waterway regulated by the MWRD, Illinois DNR and FEMA. The proposed land plan was extremely aggressive, leaving little space for storm water management
and floodplain areas. MeritCorp’s staff of experts was able to work closely with the MWRD and complete a concept and design solution which met the MWRD’s requirements while securing Illinois DNR and FEMA concurrence and approval, saving our client valuable time while not compromising the proposed land plan.


Metropolitan Water Reclamation District (MWRD)

MeritCorp is a prequalified MWRD consultant, demonstrating the confidence the MWRD has in our firm. Projects completed for the MWRD range from simple commercial or residential permitting requirements to complex, large-scale processes involving floodplain, storm water
management and complex interceptor routing. Over the years, MeritCorp’s team of experts has demonstrated the ability to meet MWRD requirements and navigate complex policy while maintaining project schedules that are crucial to a projects success.