Meet the team

MeritCorp's Principals have over 25 years of experience in several market sectors, including Education (K-12 & Higher Education), Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Office, Stormwater Management and Interstate & Highways. Our team has the technical ability and problem-solving skills to design solutions for large complex projects down to small infill projects.

  • Todd Roberts President

    Mr. Roberts has over 30 years of experience in civil engineering consulting. As Principal, he oversees operational activities of the firm. He is responsible for corporate strategy, client relations and business development initiatives. As a senior project manager, Mr. Roberts also directs project managers and their staff in daily projects and client initiatives while managing several key projects of his own. He is responsible for management of all operations including project management, staff supervision, review/oversight of technical reports and plan sets, engineering design, quality control, client relations and business development. Mr. Roberts has developed an extensive body of knowledge and expertise in civil engineering design, quality control and project management. His project experience includes K-12 and higher education, residential, commercial, industrial, public/quasi public projects and office developments. He is known for his commitment to the client and his common sense approach to design and problem solving

  • Jonathan Spinazzola Survey Manager

    Mr. Spinazzola has over 12 years of experience in land surveying including field reconnaissance and data collection, legal research, drafting, boundary calculations and analysis, & construction staking and calculations. He is knowledgeable in the coordination and development of Global Positioning System (GPS) Control Networks, Topographic Surveys, and ALTA Surveys and has both IDOT and Municipal experience. Oversees survey department for the scheduling and completion of varieties of surveying and engineering projects. Acquired Illinois Professional Land Surveyor License (P.L.S.) in October 2012. John is also licensed in Indiana and will be seeking licensure in Iowa in coming years.

  • James P. Meier Vice President

    Mr. Meier has over 33 years of experience in the civil engineering and land surveying industry. His projects have included major land developments, interstate highways and regional stormwater-management systems. His project experience includes educational, residential, commercial, industrial and office developments. As Project Manager, Mr. Meier will coordinate and lead the project team in delivering service on your project. He will coordinate and lead the project quality-control process and serve as a technical resource. His responsibilities include Project Management, Client Management, Business Development, Team Building, Land Surveying, Engineering Design and Quality Control. Mr. Meier’s strong background in stormwater management and natural resources and his ability to harmonize nature with development offer clients the unique opportunity to provide benefits to society while maintaining fiscal-development solutions.

Our Mission

MeritCorp Group, LLC is a full service Consultant offering Civil Engineering, Land Surveying and Environmental Services. We are committed to building long term relationships with our Clients by providing a high level of customer service with honesty, integrity and dedication to help attain a successful project.


Having the right experience can make a difference on your project.  Putting together the right team, knowing the right steps to take, and knowing the permits required are all part of the puzzle when it comes to completing your project.  At MeritCorp we know and understand the local, state and region regulations for design and construction and have successful working relationships with permitting agencies.   Our staff are experienced in multiple areas and are continually training to improve their knowledge and to stay current with new information, products and techniques available.


At MeritCorp we believe in Integrity.  We value being honest, trustworthy and reliable.  These values are the foundation for the operation of our business.  They govern how we service our clients and partner with our vendors and supplies.  All of our employees are encouraged to embrace and demonstrate these values as they perform their duties and to do so with an uncompromising commitment to quality and ethical standards.

Land Surveying

Land surveying is an integral part of land development, from the planning and design to the final construction.  Not only do surveyors determine the physical limits or ‘boundary’ of a property, but they can also determine elevation & relevant location of objects within that property.  Accurate land information is essential to Civil Engineers, Municipalities and Owners as planning and development proceed.  During Construction a Land Surveyor can mark out where things go for a contractor including locations and elevations so they perform their work correctly.  At completion, a final survey is almost always needed for Municipal records and for future planning.

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering is a field that covers a broad spectrum of work related to infrastructure.  Here at MeritCorp we work with Architects, Institutions, Businesses, and Developers to design and plan many various types of Residential and Commercial Developments.  Since Civil Engineering includes many disciplines, we can coordinate services outside of our expertise on an ‘as needed’ basis such as Geotechnical Investigations, Environmental Testing, and Wetland Delineations.  Here is a complete list of Services we provide…

Why work with us?

At MeritCorp we have a practiced method that we use for each of our projects that ensures Quality Control and serves to keep the project on course for a timely completion.

  • COMMUNICATION:   On every project we need to make sure we are on the same page and schedule as the Architect, ensure that we fully Understand the Client’s Needs, review and verify that we understand the Local Jurisdiction (County, Municipal, Town), Communicate the Schedule to our staff and Communicate on issues that Arise such as soil conditions, new requirements & Review Responses.
  • PERMITTING: We have good working relationships with many municipal and government authorities; however it is important on each project to ensure that we fully understand the current regulations, the Permitting Process & relevant Municipality Expectations.  A MeritCorp employee will review the current rules and regulations to ensure that our design meets the standards and that we are meeting the requirements for that particular governing body.
  • RESPONSE: At MeritCorp we work to respond in a timely fashion to issues that arise while continuing to coordinate with the architect (if applicable) and our client.   Our goal is to resolve issues quickly so the project can move forward as needed.

Our Methodology is designed to provide quality service to our Clients.  On Each project, we follow the same basic guidelines to ensure that the project is managed and designed to meet our client’s needs.  The first step is always to assign an experienced Project Manager and Principal of the firm for the duration of the project.  The Project Manager will attend any required meetings, provide a single point of contact, oversee and review all work and make any necessary site visits.   Our next step is to have a Kick-off meeting with all available parties to establish Client Objectives, Project Schedule and Clarify Project Scope.  As the project proceeds a weekly coordination meeting is held by MeritCorp’s project team to discuss the Client’s objectives, the work scope, project budget and project schedule.  The project team meets weekly, at a minimum, and any necessary changes in schedule or project scope are communicated to the Client as soon as possible.

Clients said

  • …MeritCorp’s professionalism was demonstrated throughout the engineering process for commercial site development.  Their expertise and experience was evident as problem solvers while representing the client’s interest and using best management practices…

    Tony Graff / City Administrator at City of Wilmington, IL
  • …MeritCorp has provided excellent engineering work for our large and very complex waterfront real estate development project, from mass grading, to infrastructure work, to detailed floor plain analysis, to placement of homes and commercial structures.  They continue to be excellent at working collaboratively with other professionals on our team, including our architects, city officials, and contractors.  They have been very cost effective.

    Thomas Heimsoth / Master Planned Marina Resort Developer
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