Rebecca Luginbil

Naperville Riverwalk Duck Race

It’s a Fun Summer Race! Join us in a fun race down the river with all proceeds to benefit future enhancements, education and promotion of the Naperville Riverwalk, the city’s prized amenity since 1981 in the heart of downtown. Since the Riverwalk Foundation began the Duck Race in 2016 to celebrate the first 35 years

We’re Hiring!

MeritCorp is looking to Hire both Field and Office Staff. We are currently seeking the following: Project Engineer I Participates in Project Site Design, planning and Drawing.  Setup base CAD Files for engineering plans. Site grading Storm sewer design Sanitary sewer design Watermain design Detention design Pavement design Soil erosion and sedimentation control and IEPA


Collaboration – a common enough word and one used frequently in terms of a team or between companies working on a project.   It is common enough that we don’t always stop to think about the benefits and why it is important.   An open concept office is helpful in encouraging our employees to connect and collaborate

MeritCorp is Hiring!

September 5, 2018 MeritCorp is HIRING!!   We are currently seeking Candidates for two positions. Survey Crew Chief Position is posted on LinkedIn.  Please apply HERE. CAD TECH – See Below and apply by email to Job description:  Candidate will prepare engineering designs, drawings and related technical information in support of project Engineers.  Responsibilities include: Provide

What’s NEW at MeritCorp Group LLC

Our Hourly Rates are Changing It has always been our goal to provide our clients with reasonable rates for our services. We have held the same rates since 2013 now find that we need to make modest increases. All new contracts beginning May 1st will reflect the increased rates. Current Fixed Fee contracts will not be

Civil Engineering – Where Every Day is Earth Day

It’s EarthDay once again! [April 22nd]  In schools across the United States, students are learning about the important natural resources available to us and they are taking time to focus on ways to reduce, reuse, renew and recycle.  It is encouraging seeing this focus in the classroom and exciting to think about how this will translate to

Great Lakes, Chicago Waterways, and Asian Carp

Asian Carp and the threat they pose to the Great Lakes has been in and out of the news for some time now, and has just recently been spotlighted by a new report prepared by the US Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps).  “Asian carp are fast-growing, aggressive and adaptable fish that are outcompeting native fish species

Putting the VALUE into Engineering

In today’s economy, we are all on the lookout for products and services at the best possible price.  With multiple suppliers for every need, we the consumer can afford to take our time and shop for the best product at the best price – right?  Except that isn’t always what happens.  Many times we just grab

When The Retention Pond Fails

In July of 1996, the Fox River in Illinois flooded at an alarming rate after almost 17 inches of rain.  In April of 2013, we are again seeing major flooding in Illinois, this time affecting a broader area, but still causing the same kind of damage and chaos.  There are no rules about when and